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Multiple Successes

I love the idea of using multiple successes as either a way to classify the difficulty of a task, or to judge how well a task has been carried out.
Other than the examples in the rule book giving the number of successes rolled as the number of actions the power lasts for, can you give a few more examples of how you have used it during play yourself ?

Thanks in advance. I've never brainstormed about a new RPG as much as I have with this one. You've truly grabbed my imagination !


  • I would take a careful read through the section on Conditions (Chapter 2). The number of successes there is extremely important.

    Quick example Passive Condition: Barricade surrounds Ant-man in a telekinetic barrier traping him. Barricade rolled 4 sucesses. Ant-man needs 4 basic successes to escape.

    I've also often used the number of successes for the number of average people who can be effected.

    Example 1: There are 7 tourists beneath a collapsing building. To protect them all the heroes will need to get 7 basic success.

    Example 2: Void is attempting to terrify a group of gangsters. He rolls his 4- terrify talent, getting 3 basic successes. Three gangsters immediately flee from the scene. (You could choose to give the gangsters a 1-die defense roll, or have to roll above 4 to not run -- the difficulty being set by Voids terrify rank -- or give them no roll at all.).

  • Thanks again. This is very useful to me. Am re-reading chapter 2 now !!

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