Ryan Khan, Player who just wants to play more:

"Character creation is a really interesting part of Simple Superheroes. I love the collaborative aspect of it; it's much more engaging and flexible than any other system I've played. The combat system itself is a lot of fun, but I think the true enjoyment comes from using powers that I imagined in the way I imagined them. I actually get to play the superhero I want to play!"

Paul C, Grumpy Old Geek:

"So I played all 3 Simple Superheroes games Josh ran at Fan Expo 2013. Have to say I was impressed with the system. Basically went from street level up to near cosmic level in the final adventure. The system handled it all very well. Definite plan to introduce my gaming group to this. Even used mechanic ideas from S.S. to improve an anime RPG I'm working on. Great job Josh. Definite a stalker...err....fan."

David Watson, Organizer of Phantasm convention

"So this is why I'm backing the Kickstarter: Every year we have a couple of folks that come out with their own RPG's to try out, some spark interest and some don't. Simple Superhero is the only one I've seen that year after year fills up tables and has sustained interest and more than that has had folks other than the creator pick it up and run games at Phantasm. I can't think of a higher praise than that. For me I love the genre and really dig the notion that a group could use this system to easily run a one shot or longer super hero game, and that character creation is likely the quickest I've seen in any system without making simple characters. Any of us that have picked up the weighty tomb that is "Heroes" knows the blessing that can be. I'm also supremely confident in the creator, he's been running the system for at least 5 years now, at Phantasm so you know it's not a green product, but a well refined one."

Stephen Cudmore, CanGames and Go-Play Ottawa Player

"The game is really great! It's not flashy, but every time I play I enjoy it more than the time before. It's a great solution to typical superhero game problem of letting players build whatever powers they want without making character creation take 10 hours."

David L. Dostaler, Proud Purchaser of Simple Superheroes, designer of Challenger RPG:

"I wasn't actually expecting the game to be this good. This is the best super heroes RPG I have ever played bar none. I feel privileged to have picked up one of the first pre-release copies. The system is amazingly simple and flexible. It requires a good GM to control the power levels amongst the players, but as long as you have that it encourages a lot of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. I particularly like the relations idea. It adds a lot of depth to the game and tying in the superheroes relationships into the game mechanics is a brilliant idea as, often, the PCs ignore anything without an in-game benefit for their characters. Strainpoints work well and the rules for pooling dice are excellent."

Aneesh John, Playtester:

"I have played Simple Superheroes for three years now and each time I am amazed at how much fun I have at the gaming table. What I love about the system is flexibility. Unlike most other systems, this system really lets your imagination fly. There are helpful guidelines to make a superhero, however, these guidelines do not hinder your creativity in any way. You can create a character from almost any concept your mind can conceive. At the end of the day you will have a character that you are proud of. You will be eager to play the game just to see your character grow. The system seems to facilitate the idiosyncrasies of each person and thus gives a smoother role playing feel. Sometimes you can have an extremely serious and brooding campaign that will engage you in suspense while at other times a you can play a cast of very silly heroes (or villain) that will frequently send the table into convulsions of laughter. All in all, this RPG has great potential and is well worth the investment."