Friendly Local Game Stores Carrying Compose Dream Games Books

The Compose Dream Games Marketplace sells many Canadian game designers RPG books directly to Friendly Local Game Stores (FLGS). See below interactive tool to explore retailers that carry our games.

Some of these FLGS also serve as pickup locations for books that customers order directly from us. This earns the FLGS 10% of the sale and benefits customers who may prefer to pick up the package. Of course we encourage customers to check first to see if the FLGS currently has copies of the game books of interest. (Each store contact info is displayed in the tooltip.)

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PDF Guarantee

Anyone purchasing a hard copy of one of our books always gets access to a complimentary PDF. This means you can pick up a book at your local game store and support them while also getting the benefit of a PDF.

Compose Dream Games supplies this either directly through our Marketplace, or via Bits and Mortar. Retailers can easily send PDF's from a large swath of RPG companies to customers buying books in their store using Bits and Mortar. Customers are also welcome to reach out directly to us, just let us know where you got the book, and we will connect you with a PDF

Here at Compose Dream Games we seek to support Friendly Local Game stores. We want to see you thrive, with dynamic RPG buying clientele, playing all sorts of marvellous games.