Simple Superheroes

Compose Dream Games main offering is Simple Superheroes: the RPG of Infinite Powers and Possibilities. You can learn more about Simple Superheroes here. You can purchase Issue #0 the core rulebook and subscribe to Issues #1-4 from the CDG Marketplace.

God-Killer Prophecy: Augury Edition

It has been written, it has been foretold, but will it come to pass?

This is a one-shot game where you forge a world together and face escalating threats across 6 chapters to see if the Chosen One can vanquish the Dark Lord.

The Augury edition is available now!

Dungeon Unleashed! Beta

Dungeon Unleashed! is a hack of the engine behind Simple Superheroes, the "unleashed" engine. Players take on classic dungeon delving achetypes, but as with Simple Superheroes each character has Talents that make them unique. The initial four page document was inspired by Dave Arneson Game Day. The Beta document now clocks in at 20 pages.

The Beta PDF is accessible directly here, but if you are intersted in getting notified of any updates to the system (and always having access to the latest version) you are encouraged to pick it up through the CDG Marketplace.

This has been the system used for our Crimson Shield Campaign, which has featured a number of small and large scale battles. I'm very pleased with the "battle system," which I cover in some detail in this forum discussion.

Reality Warp

Reality Warp is a narrative or story-game RPG. Reality Warp was originally written for the 7-day RPG competition held on EnWorld in 2013. You can download the competition version of Reality Warp PDF.
The competition version used a combination of dice and narrative tokens. The current design is experimenting with playing or tarot cards as both narrative token and randomizer.

Betrayal or Devotion

Betrayal or Devotion a single-player or co-operative Card Game. It is an easter themed game, where the player attempts to be one of the disciples that stayed faithful to Jesus throughout the easter story.
I spent a few weeks during Lent working on this game. The full rules are available below. If there is interest or I feel inspired I may work on some improvements or on variations to enable a true multiplayer game. Betrayal or Devotion Rules PDF.


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