Joining Compose Dream Games RPG Marketplace

Are you a Canadian game designer or retailer? We'd love to have join the RPG Marketplace

For Game Designers and Publishers

Currently we are focussed on Canadian game designers and market. (We're not exclusive, if you are not Canadian you are still welcome to join us.) If you are wondering "why" you are encouraged to check out this forum discussion.

Our Publisher Terms

We sell directly to consumers and to brick and mortar retailers. Supporting FLGS, and giving Publishers the most reasonable rate we can are our major goals. The CDG Marketplace takes only a 15% cut.

We also attend many conventions and events as a vendor. At these events the CDG Marketplace takes a 25% cut.

For Retailers (Friendly Local Game Stoes)

Are you a Canadian FLGS interested in joining the CDG Marketplace? We are thrilled you've found us.

Our Retailer Terms

You are also encouraged to check out this forum discussion.

Retailers get a 40% discount, and we also encourage customers who order directly from the Marketplace to pick up the product at your store. This has several benefits for both the store and the customer.

Our Existing Retailers