Simple Superheroes: The RPG of Infinite Powers and Possibilities

The Heart of Simple Superheroes a playable summary of all the key components of Simple Superheroes.

Simple Superheroes Character Sheet the standard character sheet for Simple Superheroes players everywhere. It is also included as the last page of the Heart of Simple Superheroes.

Alternate Simple Superheroes Character Sheet an alternate character sheet for those who prefer to group talents by Superpower Finesse. Please look at Eagleman as an example character using the alternate character sheet.

Spinning a Universe we encourage Game Masters and Players to unleash their creativity and colaboratively answer these questions about their Universe. A set of sample Answers are included as well for New Carthage, the setting for the Upcoming Issues #1-4.

Starting Heroes Character pack. These five characters are suitable as starting heroes. They include the Ant, Artic Gale, the Cat, Dynamo, Mindfire, Mr Mecurial, and Tesla. They also appear in Issue #0.

Release Schedule

Issue Title Release Date Description
#0 Simple Superheroes July 2016, 2nd printing Sept 2022 Core rulebook for Simple Superheroes. Available now!
#1 The Experiment Nov 2022 Dr Newton is being plagued by thefts. Can your hero protect his chronal experiment? Available now!
#2 The King Ritual Q2 2023 The Hedge has arrange numerous distraction while they enact one of there most critical rituals. Set in Challice City.
#3 Our Genetics Q4 2023 A genetically engineered subject has escaped Professor Adrakis' lab.
#4 Motorcycles & Lasers A full-scale gang war has broken out. The Black Bullets suddenly aquire lasers and other high-tech gadgets.
#5 Saving Innocence The Emerald Hawk and Displacer have kidnapped a 13 year old girl.
#5 Heroes by Gaslight Q4 2022 Featuring the nefarious Count Zepplin, and set in Victorian London or New York.

Dungeon Unleashed! Alpha

Dungeon Unleashed! is a hack of the engine behind Simple Superheroes, the "unleashed" engine. Players take on classic dungeon delving achetypes, but as with Simple Superheroes each character has Talents that make them unique. This fourteen page document was inspired by Dave Arneson Game Day.

The alpha PDF is accessible directly here, but if you are intersted in getting notified of any updates to the system (and always having access to the latest version) you are encouraged to pick it up through the CDG Marketplace.

Other Games

Compose Dream Games has two other games in Alpha. You are free to download them. We hope you'll tell us what you think.

Reality Warp a narrative or story-game RPG.
Reality Warp was originally written for the 7-day RPG competition held on EnWorld in 2013. You can download the competition version of Reality Warp PDF.
The competition version used a combination of dice and narrative tokens. The current design is experimenting with playing or tarot cards as both narrative token and randomizer.

Betrayal or Devotion a single-player or co-operative Card Game.
I spent a few weeks during Lent working on this game. The full rules are available below. If there is interest or I feel inspired I may work on some improvements and variations to enable a more true multiplayer game. Betrayal or Devotion Rules PDF.