Potential Publishers

Are you a Canadian RPG game designer or publisher?

We'd love to have you join the Compose Dream Games Marketplace.

Here are the basics:

Any print sales are always bundled with a PDF. We have a PDF guarantee for all our customers.

CDG Marketplace takes only a 10% cut of all sales. This occurs after any other discounts or fees, transaction processing fees are ~3% + 30 cents.

A sale of a $10 PDF, would net a publisher $8.46

Print material is placed on consignment, and you are responsible for getting your books to us.

A sale of a $20 book to a customer would net the publisher $17.19

Retailers have a 40% discount off MSRP. This applies before any other fees.

A sale of a $20 book to a retailer would net the publisher $10.20

Payments are made quarterly.

Prices are set in Canadian funds ($CAD), but customers can checkout with other funds. Currency conversion is automatically calculated.

Interested? Please contact us. Currently, we setup all your products for you!