Potential Publishers

Are you a Canadian RPG game designer or publisher? From elsewhere but interested in getting your games into the hands of Canadian gamers and game stores?

We'd love to have you join the Compose Dream Games Marketplace. We sell Print and PDF direct to consumers, and to Friendly Local Game Stores. The CDG Marketplace tales only a 10% cut.

Here are the basics of Selling on the Compose Dream Games RPG Marketplace:

  • We sell Print & PDF, and PDF Only.
  • Any print sales are always bundled with a PDF. We have a PDF guarantee for all our customers.
  • Retailers received a 40% discount off MSRP. This applies before any other fees.
  • Print material is placed on consignment, and you are responsible for getting your books to us. (We do have a USA shipping address.)
  • CDG Marketplace takes only a 10% cut of all sales. This occurs after any other discounts or fees, transaction processing fees are ~3% + 30 cents.
  • Payments to our publishers are made quarterly.
  • All products are listed for you by our team.
  • Prices are set in Canadian funds ($CAD), but customers can checkout with other funds. Currency conversion is automatically calculated.

Sales Examples

  • A sale of a $10 PDF, would net a publisher $8.46
  • A sale of a $20 book to a customer would net the publisher $17.19
  • A sale of a $20 book to a retailer would net the publisher $10.20

Fulfillment Services:

We provide fulfillment services on Print books. This helps publishers with cross-border kickstarter fulfillment and ongoing direct sales within Canada. Reach out for more details.

Interested? Please contact us. Currently, we setup all your products for you!