Here at Compose Dream Games Marketplace, we love Friendly Local Game Stores, and we want to see you thrive.

Right now we are focussed on Canadian retailers, and Canadian game designers.

You can join the Compose Dream Games Marketplace and get a 40% discount on all our books, as long as you order at least 2 copies. We also make sure that anyone who buys a physical book from you gets a complimentary PDF.

Customers who order directly from us can also choose to have the book(s) delievered directly to your store. When this happens you earn 5% on the sale (like you would from being an affiliate). We will also provide you with a standard affiliate account, so when someone follows a link from your website to our website, and a sale is made, you receive 5% of that sale.

Create an account and contact us, add we'll add you to the FLGS user group, or simply contact us and we'll set up the account for you. We'll also include you in our growing list of retailers.