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The Solo TTRPG Trend

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How One Player TTRPGs Show the True Future of the Hobby
I'm not very graceful with this stuff so I'll call out now that I have my own solo TTRPG that is coming to Crowdfundr on February 1st, 2024 called Solo Martial Blues. It's a solo-play martial arts game based on my TTRPG Fight to Survive: Role-playing Martial Arts Meets Heart. You can check out Solo Martial Blues here. If you can, please sign up to subscribe to the campaign for when it launches February 1st.

So, I bit my tongue for a response to Ben Rigg's recent article that "The Golden Age of TTRPGs is Dead" until I had something more to say than what was obvious: D&D may be dead...more specifically, the recent commercial mainstream revival of D&D may be dead...and even more specifically: just the current 5e rules WotC...but that only kills the wider TTRPG industry under the conceit that D&D 5e is the industry itself, which it is not. I'm writing this today . . .

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    Backed your crowdfundr.

    There's most certainly a lot of energy and innovation in the solo play space. This segment contains some of our better selling books this past year.

    That includes titles like HedgeWitch, WILD: Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming, Wands & Laserguns and Be Like a Crow. There are a number of others.

    We've just added some of the more hmmmm classic style solo books from Chaosium. (Alone Against the Frost is a revised edition of a book that first released in 1985 set in the Canadian wilds.)

    All the solo play books Compose Dream Games carries can be found with the handy solo play filter.

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