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Canada Roles - Local Games at your Local store

"Canada Roles" events are all about playing local Canadian Games at your Friendly Local Game Store. Expect to come and try something new! (All RPG titles are still welcome of course.) There are a huge bevy of classic and new Canadian RPGs that we encourage and support.

Harn, Heavy Gear, Mythras, Monsterhearts, The Quiet Year, Sig: Manual of the Primes, Free Spacer, Noir World, ScreenPlay, Sword's Edge RPG, Simple Superheroes #0, The Deal, Widdershins, Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok, Vanagard, Warbirds, Shadows of the Past

... and many, many more.

We'd like to have these events be low key and grass roots. I personally love the style of some old "Go-Play Ottawa" events where a bunch of players and GMs show up, and GMs just talk briefly about what they are up for running and then the groups splits into various games.

We'd like to facilitate regular gatherings at all sorts of game stores, with broader events targeted to happen about once a quarter.

The current plan for 2024 is May 4th, August 3rd and November 2nd.

We have a sort of soft start with a January 20th event in Ottawa.

I'd love to hear any thoughts and suggestions on Canada Roles events.

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