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Die: The RPG, a Failure of Imagination

edited November 2023 in News
I am supportive of the indie ttrpg industry—I make my home in this industry, and I like to encourage it, so I don't enjoy a negative rant as much as the Internet seems to in general. The indie ttrpg space is small, so a small designer can't poo-poo on the work of another without there being some blowback. But, there should also be room for at least some analysis in this space. This is a conflict. Today I'm disregarding my normal attitude of encouragement and giving myself permission to gripe. My hope is that this blog is not very well read and I can get away with criticism, because this DIE: The Roleplaying Game really burns my buttons.

DIE: The Roleplaying Game is a tabletop RPG based on the DIE comic, . . .

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