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Ross Rifles - pbta - WW1 - the most Canadian RPG we carry?

edited May 2023 in Canadian RPGs

Ross Rifles may be the most Canadian ttrpg we carry*. If focusses on the experiences of Canadians in the trenches of WW1.

I spent some time reading Ross Rifles last evening while listening to Sabaton's "Great War" album. It was an excellent pairing.

The "battered" looking grey interior adds a sense of weight and realism.

Daniel Kwan, Patrick Keenan, Daniel Groh of Dundas West Games, did considerable research with the War Museum here in Ottawa.

From my reading I'd call it: quality work, serious while staying game-able. Like many excellent games it's focus isn't on simple fun, but on providing a deep, meaningful experience to its players.

Here's a page I found fascinating, it shows research and depth:

*I feel compelled to mention two contenders for the most Canadian RPG we currently carry:
SPARK which has a setting included for the 1960s Quiet Revolution (police drama in Montreal). There's a single print copy of this left.

Lonely Timbers a game of lumberjacks in the 19th century. A 16 page PDF.
Both are by Jason Pitre of Genesis of Legend Publishing


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