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Nefertiti Overdrive 2E

As mentioned earlier, I was working on updating Nefertiti Overdrive, tweaking the rules, focusing the characters more on Egypt and Egypt’s environs, and adding historical context. I’ve removed Get Netiqret as its own thing. When I first wrote Nefertiti Overdrive, … Continue reading →


  • Nefertiti Overdrive 1e is still available in Print ($30 CAD), and does include the "Get Netiqret" adventure.

    Nefertiti Overdrive 2e is only available in PDF ($15 CAD). What are the differences between the two versions? I asked @FraserRonald and here is what he said.

    @FraserRonald said:
    The key mechanical changes are the introduction of an initiative system, Challenge actions, and Stress. In the original version, initiative was within an encounter--Player A's character was fighting a Challenge and one of the dice rolled decided initiative--now there is an initiative order for each round. In the original version, Challenges only ever reacted, but never took a turn on their own, now they are part of the Initiative order and can act against PCs. Finally, PCs can now accumulate Stress and be removed from a scene, whereas previously they could only accumulate Conditions. Stress was an optional rule that is now rules as written.

    Also, the first 30 or so pages is history and background on Ancient Egypt's New Kingdom, to provide a setting for the action.
    These [changes] are external to the Challenges and the structure of adventures. There are no changes to the character or how they are built, so adventures can be run using either rules.

    It's worth noting that there is a free Nefertiti Overdrive Quickstart (1e but they are quite similar), Get Netiqret is free in PDF (included in 1e), and Proof of Death (PDF) is a follow-on adventure available for $5 CAD.

    I've had good fun playing Nefertiti Overdrive. We all want to mix over the top kung-fu and ancient Egypt right?
    (Of note there is some useful guidance in mashing up other historic locations and eras with over the top kung-fu action.)

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