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Compose Dream Games Marketplace

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The Compose Dream Games Marketplace has recently begun to bring on more games. If you are a Canadian game designer we'd love to add you to our growing list of publishers. Right now we are focussed on Canadian designers, and Canadian retailers. We sell both direct to consumers, and to stores; both PDFs and Print+PDF.

Our current focus is Canadian games and stores, but we may expand to other games in the future.

There are a few principles we want to hold to:

The best possible rate for Game Designers
Too many sellers of RPGs take far too high a cut. We take only 10% (after transaction fees). This means our designers get more funds to create more games. They get more of your support.

-- edit in 2023 the rate was increased to 15% and with 25% at events and conventions.

If you are a RPG designer/publisher please check our terms here and to contact us.

Solid Partners with FLGS
Friendly local game stores are the cornerstone of the RPG hobby. Anyone picking up a print copy of one of our games, from one of our retailers, is entitled to a complimentary PDF. Customers should feel empowered to support their FLGS.

We are also planning on launching a "ship to store" option to let customers that want to order from us direct pick up their order at their FLGS. This gives the customer a break on shipping, immediate access to a PDF and the FLGS gets credit to get more of our games. This feature isn't active yet, but we should have it active in the next couple of months.

If you are a retailer please check our terms here and to contact us.

A positive Network
We want to create a positive network between FLGS, game designers and gamers. This may include providing space for all of these people to talk, and facilitating "Designer Demo Days" at FLGS, and who knows what else.

It also means we'll do our best to reach out to everyone at conventions and other gatherings.

So who is part of the CDG Marketplace?
I'll do my best to keep this list up to date

Game Designers/ Publishers

Broken Ruler Games - Todd Crapper - browse marketplace games
Buried Without Ceremony - Avery Alder - browse marketplace games
Compose Dream Games - Joshua John Kitz - browse marketplace games
Expiditious Retreat Press - Joseph Browning - browse marketplace games
Fool's Moon Entertainment - 'Kit' LeHaise & Kevin Papineau - browse marketplace games
Genesis of Legend Publishing - Jason Pitre - browse marketplace games
Green Hat Designs - Mark Richardson - browse marketplace games
Lost Cause Games - Derek Gour - browse marketplace games
Sword's Edge Publishing - Fraser Ronald - browse marketplace games

One of the best places to view our retailers is

As I write this I realize that the Retailers is a little out of date, but I'll update it soon. Dueling Grounds in Toronto, and Skyhaven Games in Victoria should also be on this chart.


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    Buried Without Ceremony has joined the RPG Marketplace.

    Their first product with us The Quiet Year is up as a PDF, and we're looking forward to getting hard copies in the mail. A map based post-apocalytic story game, I've been wanting to try this since I first heard about it.

    I also hear work has begun on Monsterhearts 2nd edition.

    The above list of publishers above has been updated.
  • Lost Cause Games has joined the RPG Marketplace.

    Hope Inhumanity is already in it's second edition. It explores the horrible decisions that need to be made as you journey through a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
    Hope Inhumanity uses 110 custom cards, to explore this narrative.

    You can access the rules for Hope Inhumanity for free at
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    Expiditious Retreat Press has joined the Marketplace. They are known for their Advance Adventures line, their 1 on 1 Adventures, and A Magical Medieval Society.
    Their products are listed here in the Marketplace, and you can find out more about their work at their blog Sorcery & Super Science!
  • I met with Fraser Simons of Samjoko Publishing at Breakout Con in Toronto last week. And had a pleasant discussion about his game The Veil, a cyberpunk roleplaying game that is powered by the apocalypse world engine.

    They have since joined the marketplace!
  • Long overdue for some updates in this thread. Was considering posting a new one, but I do prefer the "ongoing" vibe.

    Joined in 2022

    we evolve - met at Tabletop Scotland, this UK publisher currently has:
    WILD (Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming) a tarot based dream spelunking game
    Gaslight Club, a zine-sized game using the Mutant Year Zero engine about slowly realizing that your 1920s gaslight setting is populated by androids.
    Action Potential a dystopian body-jumping transhuman forged in the dark engine game. Pull of heists and commit crimes in a hostile and unforgiving universe.

    Aegean, is still forthcoming.

    Parable Games - met at Tabletop Scotland, this UK publisher currently a number of titles supporting their SHIVER horror cinema RPG. Including custom dice, GM screen (handy for showing the doom clock tick up), the core rulebook, and a 5 adventure supplement called The Cursed Library.

    Hit Point Press(, joined after meeting some of there team at Breakout Con.
    Known for their 5e D&D supplements: The Deck of Many Animated Things, Spells, etc, Humblewood Campaign setting, and The Islands of Sina Una - a campaign setting based on Filipino mythology.

    Nathan Town(, Manitoba based publisher
    • The 13th Fleet (PDF) - A sci-fi roleplaying game of dark humour and treachery! The 13th Fleet is a light-hearted and occasionally co-operative tabletop role playing experience.
    A fantastic forged in the dark engine game, where you play incompetent backstabbing captains fleeing, er advancing backwards, from the nearly victorious battle.

    Outer Edge Comics(, joined after Phantasm Con, a Richmond Hill, ON publisher
    • Soloventure: The Warlock's Dungeon - a card based solo play procedural dungeon crawler. Jeff did the writing, design and art.

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    Here We Used to Fly -
    Released March 12th, it surprised us by being our top seller in March. It's a GMless story-game that is purely prompt based, and has playbooks in a sort No Dice, No Masters style. Play cycles between experiencing a theme park as children and as adults years later. As children, the characters will experience the park in all its glory; as adults, they’ll reflect on the changes that have occurred for the park and themselves in the intervening years.
    By A Smouldering Lighthouse

    New Publishers:

    Dundas West Games, an Ontario based publisher, joined with Ross Rifles, a well researched PbtA game of Canadians in the trenches of WW1.

    Shouting Crow, a Guelph ON publisher, has joined with a number of solo-play titles. Each can be played as a 1 on 1 or "duet" as well.
    In Hedge Witch, you are trying to save your magical forest from losing it's enchantment, but you are only a Hedge Witch, what can you do?
    In Wands & Lasers, you are a wizard transported to a cyberpunk dystopia. You must fight your way out. You'll kill, and probably die, but you can always try again right?

    Both use a deck of regular playing cards to randomize events and challenges that you need to overcome.

    Starlight Grove, a Toronto ON publisher, has joined with 3 zines:

    Told by Starlight is a one-shot game of drawing constellations and telling stories about their myths and legends. Perfect if you want to create a starscapes for your fantasy game, or if you just want and enjoyable yarn that gradually builds.
    This City Must Burn is a 2-3 shot PbtA game where you play revolutionaries. The game ends in a "night of fire." The designer encourages you to rip, tear, or even burn the play-sheets (safety first of course!). Politics are on the table in this game . . .
    Festival of the Hidden Moon is a one-shot game where an unusual collection of beings are gathered from across the cosmos for a once a year festival of special significance. The ooze sounds like a fun character to play :)

    Akinji Entertainment, based in Pickering ON, joined with CATaclysm, a pun filled game of . . . meowgical cats after all the humans have gone. Fight the evil rats and lizards with your swords and spells.
    It's a beautifully illustrated book and box set, that comes with a pair of d10s, carboard standee minis, a battlemat and hitpoint trackers.

    We're also very excited to have Hope Inhumanity back in stock with a bundle option after not having it for a few years!

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