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Night Shift



--Firearms (O): 3


--Parkour (U): 2

--Teleport (U): 4

--Duck/Take Cover (D): 3



--Brawl (O): 2


--Streetwise (U): 3

--Air of Authority (U): 2


--Alertness (U): 2

--Detective (U): 3


Teleport: 1, Survive on the Tough Streets: 3, Deduction: 3 


Visit Friends In The City: 3, Call Family: 2, Light a Cigar 1


  • Baxter Barton grew up poor on the bad side of town. However, he had an edge, psychoportation. He used this to commit pety crimes.
  • When his uncle, Detective Barton, was killed by gang violence Bax swore off cime.
  • He joined the police academy and graduated with flying colors.
  • Using a mix of streetsmarts and his "ace in the hole" he has risen to the rank of detective. 
  • Now he guards the streets he grew up on.

Personality and Methods
  • Bax has kept his teleporation mutation a secret. It allows him to get into the right places and catch up to perps.
  • He is a good cop but has occasionally bended the law but never for his own gain.
  • He treats everyone with respect unless they prove they deserve otherwise.
  • He is sympathetic to the plight of the folks in the worst neighbourhoods however, he has no patience for killers.
  • Note: As a cop it is legal for Bax to retaliate with deatly force. Still, he never aims to kill anyone unless it is a last resort. While he will bend some small rules but he will never bend this one.
  • Bax can teleport small distances, up to a city block. 
  • This power can be useful to cut off criminals but since it takes roughtly 3 seconds of concentration activate, it is useless in defense.
  • He can only carry what he is wearing or holding with him when he ports, he cannot port others.
  • There is no visual or audible effect when he does this. He simply vanishes and reappears.

  • Bax is a handsome Africian American male in his early thirties.
  • He has short, well trimmed hair and beard.
  • He dresses stylishly but is obviously a cop.
  • He has a calm and pleasant demenor. 


  • I would think the (U) after the Talent names are meant to be [F] for functional.

    You have a nice blend of Talents representing his detective skills. You have some good limitations on the Teleportation power. Makes for an interesting character.

    edit- I forgot to mention that you didn not specify a weakness. One of the limitations on his teleportation could be a weakness, but this would imply that he ever overcome the weakness (at least without gaining another weakness). I  think a fun starting weakness for a police detective character like this would be having a captain or even Internal Affairs particularly interested in his activities. 

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