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Artifice City session summaries

I'll be running an ongoing Simple Superheroes campaign set in Artifice City. The first session was Friday Dec 11th, and I'll be running another session Sunday. New players welcome.

Players Characters
The Hammer — Evan Walker — construction worker
PsyWren — Lt. Jessica "Jess" Wren — former(?) WRCNS officer (Women's Royal Canadian Navy Service)

Opening Question: How long have you been operating as a Superhero in Artifice City?
The Hammer— moved to Artifice City about a year ago. Began superheroic's about 6 months ago.
PysWren— has been in Artifice City a little under 2 years. Operating as a hero through that time.

Artifice City (Gīml-1) 1950s
Artifice City is a buzzing metropolis of the prairies, built on the edge of an enormous lake. It is a city of hope for the future and progress. Suburbs are booming, slums are being replaced, and everyone is getting electricity, and their own car.

Established "Historical" notes
- Artifice City is Canadian
- Evan Walker saw an TV add in a store window for a Sunbeam Radiant Control toaster (first released in '49) TVs get exponential sales growth every year after 1950
- Not everyone has a phone (there is a backlog of post-war Telephone orders into 1954)
(No set date within the decade yet.)

It is September. The events of the session started on a Friday.

Battle on the Beach:
Evan (The Hammer) hear's a voice calling his name repeatedly while out drinking with his co-workers. The voice insists he is needed to save someone. And that he needs to run towards water street.

Jess (PsyWren) sees a couple of men in odd getups. Strange grey getups and what turns out to be large balls of water obscuring their heads. She ducks into an alley, changes into costume and follows them.

The two water-heads pause at the beach, and a fish headed man they call Silverscale emerges to meet them. PsyWren confronts them. Silverscale spouts something about people kneeling before him, hands one of the water-heads what looks like a flamethrower but is a water cannon, and conflict ensues. Silverscale and the other water-head grab a "hostage" and encompass his head in water, he immediately begins suffocating.

The battle goes well for the heroes, they disarm and "knock-out" the two minions, and Silverscale flees into the lake. The Hammer stops at "the voices" urging and saves the suffocating man by moving the ball of water into "hammerspace."

They provide first aid for some time before the well dress man recovers, and thanks them. His name is Pat O'Connell, a defense attorney. When asked if he thinks he was deliberately targeted he shrugs and says could be. He offers them legal defense services in the future should they need it.

Meeting Dissonance:
The voice is Dissonance, a hero garbed in gold and white with the power of voice projection and eavesdropping ;). He invites them to meet atop the Prescott building, and they discuss working together, and what he knows of Silverscale.

PsyWren follows him to a greasy spoon restaurant several blocks away. Margaret serves Jess a nice peace of strawberry pie and ice cream. Dissonance "hears" her there, and they have a whispered conversation. He confirms he lives nearby. By talking to Margaret and confronting him, he confirms that his first name is Cameron.

PysWren has a good conversation with one of the owners of a boat rental service, who confirms he and his cousin where forced to pay Silverscale protection money. (The owner served on a tribal Class destroyer in the war.)

The Hammer talks with an ice cream shop, and hears a similar story. In this case, however the teens father hadn't paid yet, and Silverscale was going to return at closing time on Sunday (tomorrow).

They meet back up with Dissonance on top of the Prescott, and he informs them that he believes he knows where one of Silverscale's minions lives. The three agreed to head to the suburbs along the lakefront to a small house on Oak Ridge avenue.

Oak Ridge Ave:
Here PysWren notes the presence of two kids playing in the backyard, and 2 people in the house. PysWren successfully uses her "take over" talent to encourage Frank to go get some smokes. After a tense discussion, Frank reveals that he has been helping "Tony" AKA Silverscale to get money so he can pay doctors to fix his condition.

Frank leaves and starts getting his family together to go to his brothers farm. Frank tells them to take his boat and drop one of the tennis balls over the side if they want to "talk to" Silverscale.

A fight ensues, but the heroes quickly move it to the shore, where Silverscale is overmatched. PysWren is able to use her "take over" talent to get Silverscale to stop fighting and talk. They discover:
- Tony was in a accident working at a pharmaceutical company called ARK industries. This caused him to start mutating into the fish headed man Silverscale.
- The doctors who say they can cure him and need a lot of money are with ARK industries.
- Pat O'Connell (the lawyer) was "just a job"
- They speculate that Silverscale's mind is likely affected by the transformation.
They warn Silverscale not to continue with his protection racket and other criminal activities, and say they will look into the matter . . .

End of Session
-- Issue #1 Artifice City (Gīml-1)
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