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Issue #1

I've been struggling for a while with Issue #1 conceptually. I love the content that I have for it but a lot of it seems to be primarily setting, meaning it doesn't really get things started off with a bang.
The solution: start with issue #2 main content and combine some elements from issue #1.

With that said, I am going to start posting content to this thread from the upcoming issue #1.


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    Issue #1 is set in New Carthage a few years after the ONEVA disaster. Two of the important figures from the disaster are Dr Newton and Professor Adrakis. Both continue to play an immportant part in meta-human affairs.

    Here is the write up for Dr Newton:

    Dr Newton

    Identity: Terrence Q. Newton (born Terrence Howard)

    Acr: 2- finances [F]
    Brn: 4- inventions [P], 4- labs [T], 4- unreadable [D],
    4- cautious [D], 3- government [F], 3- superheroes [F],
    2- criminals [F]
    Sns: 3- internet&phone monitoring [F]

    Superpower Finesse: 4- genius, 3- contacts

    Weakness: Distracted by inexplicably complex projects, that he often later destroys.

    Strainpoints: 6
    Lifepoints: 3

    Relations: 4- Inventions, 1- Templar,
    1- Peter Pojistic, 1-Prof Adrakis
    1- teaching worthy students

    Description of Talents:

    Finances [2- Acr:F] Dr Newton has sold several simple innovations for considerable sums to various business people. He has little interest in wealth for its own sake, but could easily sell another innovation, get government funding or similar.

    Inventions [4-Brn:P] Dr Newton can create devices of rank 3 potency. He can create higher ranked devices by expending strainpoints. He often builds such devices for Blackthorne Correctional Facility.

    Labs [4-Brn:T] It takes Dr Newton a minute or two to build new devices (or analyse and customize other peoples tech). He may spend a Strainpoint to improve this to only an action or two. He may also take more time to build more complex devices with multiple capabilities.

    Unreadable [4-Brn:D] It is not possible to read Dr Newton’s mind. A skilled psychic might be able to get an empathic impression of his current emotional state, but that is all.

    Cautious [4-Brn:D] Dr Newton can always use this against any kind of investigation and hacking activities made against him. His labs are well hidden and move frequently. His finances are perfectly in order. His inventions are so varied and materials well sourced that it is almost impossible to distinguish it from any other “super-tech.”

    Government [3-Brn:D] Dr Newton has many allies and supporters in the government. He knows how to leverage them to his advantage. It is this talent that let's him operate outside of Task Force Alpha.

    Superheroes [3-Brn:F] Dr Newton has many allies and friends in the Superhero community. This includes Templar, Tesla, and many more. This likely includes some of the player characters.

    Criminals [2-Brn:F] Dr Newton has contacts in the criminal underworld. This likely includes a few supervillains.

    Internet & Phone Monitoring [3-Sns:F] Dr Newton has a complex system in place to monitor internet and communication devices. He is most interested in people who may be looking for him, but he can monitor other things as well.

    Dr Newton is not really a combatant. Which is why he has only 3 Lifepoints.

    Newton observes, and then builds something to solve his problems. He largely relies on allies in the superhero community for assistance.

    Talent Development
    Newton will likely start building more reliable robots and AI to help him. He will likely boost his strainpoints.

    Background and Personality:
    Dr Newton has spent considerable time trying to atone for his involvement in creating The Construct.


    “Fascinating. Oh this? You wouldn't understand.”

    Group: Newton
    Orientation: Resource
    Role: master Super-scientist

    In “The Experiment”:
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    Professor Adrakis is an important figure in the metahuman community of New Carthage. And important for Issue #0. His work is largely overseen by Task Force Alpha.
    Your heroes may well have been examined by Professor Adrakis and had their powers stabilized by him, or work with either the Professor or Dr. Newton.

    Professor Adrakis
    Mad Geneticist
    Identity: Prof Theo James Adrakis

    Acr: 2*- bite [O],
    3- traps and defenses [V]
    Mgt: 4*- poisoned bite [O],
    Brn: 4- genetic manipulation [P],
    3- genetics lab [T],
    3-hypnotism [F], ??????????
    3- allies low and high [F],
    2- wealth [F],
    2- lab assistants [F],
    2- brilliant [D]
    Sns: 2- power recognition [F]

    Superpower Finesse: 4- genetic engineer

    Weakness: Bites require venom, his body contains enough for 3 successful injections.
    Adrakis is obsessed with experimenting on humans, seeking perfection in many forms.

    *Adrakis may or may not start with the poisoned bite modification. Continued interference from heroes or other parties will likely lead him to begin enhancing himself.

    Strainpoints: 6
    Lifepoints: 6

    Relations: 3- genetic experimentation,
    2- progress,
    2- Amanda (dead daughter)

    Description of Talents:

    Bite* [2-Acr:O] Adrakis must score a success on this roll to inject his poisonous venom. The fangs themselves do no real damage.

    Poisoned Bite* [4-Mgt:OC] Once bitten Adrakis rolls this Talent to determine the potency of the venoms effect on his target. Victims without health related Talents of at least rank 4 take 1 Lifepoint the first round, those with 4+ take nothing. An opposed roll determines the number of rounds the venom will be active in the characters system. The victims takes damage equal to the number of rounds remaining each round.
    This is a diminishing prolonged condition requiring no concentration from Adrakis.

    Traps and Defenses [3-Acr:V] Adrakis sets up potency 2 traps and defenses all over his complexes.

    Genetic Manipulation [4-Brn:P] Adrakis can easily give any human inhuman qualities. Granting someone a Rank 3 Talent is easy. Bestowing rank 4 talents and higher requires Strainpoint expenditures and assistance.

    Genetic Lab [3- Brn:T] Adrakis has several genetics labs. He requires the lab to manipulate humans and other creatures. Bestowing a simple rank 3 Talent requires a couple of hours of work. More complex problems require more work.
    Instability drawback – if Adrakis does not take a full day or more to understand everything about a individuals genetic structure and health then the resulting genetic manipulation tends to be unstable. It breaks down or changes within a week, which sometimes results in death and only rarely allows the individual to revert back to his previous ‘human’ state.

    Hypnotist [3-Brn:F] Adrakis uses this technique to edit and program people's memories. This may not actually be his own ability but rather a ally who unquestionably supports Adrakis' agenda.

    Allies in Low and High Places [3- Brn:F] Adrakis has friends in both the criminal underworld and in the government-military-police that he can call on for favours.

    Wealth [2- Brn:F] Adrakis is moderately wealthy. He can fund most of his projects himself if he has too.

    Lab assistants [2- Brn:F] Adrakis retains a few lab assistants. He is also quite good at securing new assistants.

    Brilliant [2- Brn:D] Adrakis is intelligent enough that deceiving him or manipulating him with mind control is difficult.

    Power Recognition [2- Sns:F] Adrakis’ vast experience with meta-human capabilities has made him very competent at immediately recognizing meta-humans and guessing their abilities. He is not capable of using this Talent to recognize powers that are completely magical.

    Background and Personality:
    Adrakis believes he is ushering in a new age for mankind. He insists on retaining autonomy but will sell his services to governments and criminals alike.
    He was a scientific prodigy, acquiring his first doctorate at 21. He lost his 3-year old daughter to a rare genetic disease at 26. He found a cure 3 weeks later.

    Appearance: Most people expect an old balding man in a lab coat. Adrakis is a vibrant dark-haired young man. His very first self-enhancement was to remove his dependence on corrective lenses.

    Group: Adrakis only works for Adrakis
    Orientation: Villain
    Role: Creator of Genetic Abominations and Meta-humans

    In Our Genetics:
    Adrakis is the ultimate force behind the events in Our Genetics. If he is thwarted by the heroes. He will simply seek to set up elsewhere, with funding from criminal sources if necessary. Keeping the Professor in prison or otherwise incapacitate is difficult do to his “Alies in Low and High places” talent. Professor Adrakis prefers to keep to the background and practice his science. However if a great opportunity arises he may decide to act against the heroes.

    In Your Universe:
    Adrakis worked at the ONEVA military research facility where The Contruct was created. Since that horrible accident he has been working with those with mutations.

    Adrakis Reborn
    Future Self-enhancements

    Judges should customize Adrakis’ self-enhancements to help him counter the Heroes. Particularly if they have foiled him repeatedly.
    He will likely gain the following additional Talents but must transform in to a snake-man to use them.

    Acr: 2* or 3- bite [O],
    2- talons [O]
    Mbl: 2- slither [F],
    2- contortions [F]
    Tgh: 3- transformative regen [F],
    3- scales [D],
    2- warm-cold-blood [D],
    3*- resist substances [D]
    Mgt: 4*- poisoned bite [O],
    3- constrict [O],
    3- grapple [F]
    Sns: 2- taste the air [F]

    *does not require him to be in hybrid form

    Weakness: Adrakis must take several minutes to shed his human form to gain his snake hybrid talents. Returning to human form requires an injection that he can easily prepare with any lab equipment.
    Monstrous appearance.

    Transformation Regeneration [3- Tgh:F] Adrakis can shed his human body and transform into a snake-amphibian-human hybrid. Doing so takes considerable effort and time, and leaves behind a ‘skin.’ It costs a Stainpoint to transform and takes a few minutes. When he transforms he regains 3 Lifepoints.
    Returning to human form with his injection returns lets him regain 2 Lifepoints. Rest is needed before secondary transformations will heal him.

    Talons [2- Acr:O] Sharp talons for slicing.

    Slither [2- Mbl:F] Fast movement that also allows climbing of certain surfaces.

    Contortions [2- Mbl:F] Adrakis’ pliable body can fit through any space a human’s head could.

    Scales [3- Tgh:D] The hybrid form is covered in tight knit scales that repel physical damage.

    Warm and Cold-blooded [2- Tgh:D] Adrakis’ blood makes him resilient to both cold and heat.

    Resist Substances [3- Tgh:D] Adrakis’ complex genetic structure is highly resistant to poisons, drugs and intoxicants.

    Constrict [3- Mgt:O] Adrakis’ snake-like body can exert tremendous pressure on those caught within its coils.

    Grapple [3- Mgt:F] Adrakis uses this Talent to establish and maintain a hold.

    Taste the Air [2- Sns:F] Adrakis’ snake-like tongue can literally taste the air.
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