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Recently, the comicbook series Invincible came to an end. It's one of the few titles I have been getting on a regular basis. In honor of that I thought I would do a quick write up of one way you could create an "Invincible" for a game of Simple Superheroes.

From reading pretty well all 144 issues, I am comfortable pegging him as a planetary power tier hero, a case could be made for cosmic, but the feel is usually more planetary. As the story progresses the scale of action changes, from regional, to global, to galactic.

Mark Grayson

Mobility: 4-flight speed [F], 2-aerial agility [D]
Toughness: 4-resilience [D], 3-environmental resilience [D], 3-resolve [M], 2-accelerated healing [M], 2-resolute [M]
Might: 4-vicious stikes[O], 4-mighty [F]

Lifepoints: 6 Strainpoints: 8

Relations*: 3-Atom Eve, 3-Terra, 2-Compassion, 2-Omni-man (father), 2-

Weakness: All Viltrumites have complex inner ears that allow them to fly. Certain sonic frequencies can be very dibilitating for them.


  • 3-resolve [Tgh:M] gives Mark extra Strainpoints, to make it easier for him to pull off crazy stunts.
    2-acclerated healing [Tgh:M] allows Invincible to recover quicker from insanely bloody injuries, including things that would kill ordinary people. Canonically, he also gets tougher every time his body rebuilds itself from horrible injuries, but that isn't directly modeled here.
    2-resolute [Tgh:M] Mark is allowed to roll two dice to stay conscious. He often fights on with very debilitating injuries.

    Is rank three enough for Environmental Resilience? One of his climatic fights is within the edge of the sun. It's epic, and both he and his foe's (Grand Regen Thragg) skin are melting off their bodies as they fight.
    This could easily be 4, or maybe even 5, but it is the one stunt that I can think of that is a clear sign of an "energy resistance" stunt, and it almost kills him. It is also the pinnacle of what we see him do.

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