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Revisiting Character Talents

edited September 2016 in Heroes and Villains
I started a new campaign this past Saturday. The session went great, and we used a "Connection Web" to associate all the player characters with each other and important non player characters and organization.
(I've discussed Connection Web in greater detail on

One of the important things to do after the first few sessions is to revisit each players character's Talents are working as intended and desired by both GM and player.

So, here is a good place to discuss exactly that. Particularly since we won't be playing again until early October.

Characters in the New Carthage campaign:
Grave Walker, Eye of Ra, Sam, Shadow and Mr Hyde.


  • Dr Lucius von Jackel
    Mbl 2- feral mobility hy F
    Tgh 3- cybernetic armour hy D
    Mgt 5- energy claw slash hy O
    Brn 2-superior tech Ja V
    Sns 3-cybernetic awareness Ja F, 4- bi-polar trance Ja/Hy ?DR?

    transforms from Ja to Hy -- energy werewolf contained within cybernetic armour
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