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Moon Angel


Moon Arc Bow (O): 4

Invisibility (F): 4

Slow Flight (F): 3

Dodge (D): 3

Street Smart (F): 2

Moderate Party Girl (F): 2

Bargain (F): 2


Angel Touched: 3, Street Wise: 2


Check in on Mom: 2

Chat with Friends: 2

Crouch Dramatically on a Rooftop and Brood: 1



  • Asha Ivers grew up in the worst part of the city.
  • Her father left her mother, Rebecca was crippled during a robbery.
  • Asha dropped out of highschool as a teenager to look after her mom, she worked a number of jobs and even conspired in some minor drug deals to keep body and soul together.
  • One day she witnessed an old man drop his wallet before getting on the bus. She took the wallet, nothing was in it aside from a WWII medal. According to a local fence she could get a cool 10,000 for it. This would set her and her mom up for a while.
  • On her way to the fence she spotted the old man again, he looked despondent. 
  • Despite her and her mom s best intrest Asha sat beside him and offered the medal back.
  • The old man was suddenly cloaked in brillance, it turned out he was an Angel and Asha just passed his test. Thus the Heroine Moon Angel was born. 


Personality and Methods


  • Asha watches her neighborhood like a guardian Angel.
  • She only intervinese in serious crimes such as murder or robbery. She dose not waste her time with drug dealers unless they are selling some of the harder stuff.
  • Moon Angel will kill bad guys but she takes no joy in it and only does so with the worst offenders.
  • Her hero self is more of an ubran legend, she has nott come out in public yet.
  • Her nieghbourhood has grown safer over her watch.




  • Asha can summon a bow of silvery moon light. It fires energy blasts that can stun or kill.
  • At will she can vanish from sight, though perceptive folk may be able to pick her out since her bow and arrow attacks are not invisible.
  • She can fly at about the speed she can run.
  • Asha is a latino woman in her 20s.
  • She s pretty but her street wise demenor shows she s no fool.
  • Long black hair, usually in a pony tail. Serious brown eyes.
  • Her costume is a white hooded cloak combinded with a black body suit that has a crecent moon with wing elmblem on her chest.
  • Behind her hood she wears a white opera half-mask that leaves the all but her chin covered.



  • Great flavour. Neat character. Have you played her in a game yet?

    "Crouch dramatically on rooftop and brood" is a great relation.

    Your missing the ability categories (accuracy, mobility, toughness, might, brains, senses) but these are pretty easy to guess. Here's how I usually write these up:



    Accuracy: 4- Moon Arc Bow [O]

    Mobility: 4- Invisibility [F], 3- Slow Flight [F], 3- Dodge [D]



    Brains: 2- Street Smart [F], 2- Moderate Party Girl [F], 2- Bargain [F]



    On brainstorming Talents/Powers: If I was GMing this character for you, there would be a few things I would highlight and suggest.

    1. What kind of energy does her Moon Arc Bow fire? Is it divine? Or perhaps simple a physical energy? If it is divine then talents used to block physical attacks wouldn't function against it, the drawback being that it probably doesn't effect inaimate objects and robots at all.
    2. Invisibility Limitations: I like that you mentioned that her attacks are visible. I might go so far as to suggest that her bow is visible as soon as she "draws" it from the spiritual realm. I'd also note that your character is not any quieter than an average human (this is implicit as she has no Talent indicating she is stealthy).
    3. As an Angelicaly inspired character, Moon Angel has nothing that directly lets her perceive otherworldly presences and mystic energies, nor does she have any special resistance to these things. Simply something to be aware of, and possibly develop as she gains experience.
    4. Slow Flight is pretty limited at this rank. You've noted some but there may be a few more such as: carrying or catching a person is almost impossible for her.

    I tend to run 'gritty' games where Talents are very narrow, a GM running a higher powered game would likely ignore some of the limitations I mentioned.


    An aside:

    I've had a few players come up with Angelic or demonic inspired characters. Most often when I run "House of Bolchavar," which is a mystical conflict. Moon Angel would be a great hero for that scenario. The Guardian, who can transform into an 'angel' (from ISSUE 0, p.57) was created by a player in an early version of Blackthorne Correctional Facility before there really was a Blackthorne (mostly the heroes just fought The Construct). He is a central character in The Lost Hero.

    I've run the three scenario's mentioned above several times and in the midst of writing them up to release as future ISSUES.

  • That is a good point. I will keep the ability catigories in mind for my next character.

    1. I was thinking Divine. It does not seem like the type of weapon that would work on robots.

    2. Having invisibility  be her only stealth makes sense. She is very new at this. Same thing with 3 really. Developing sensing powers will come with time.

    4. Totally supposed to be limited. I imagine she can only carry herself.

    Feel free to use Moon Angel for that adventure if you want. :) I may play her when you are next running Simple Superheroes at Phantasm.

    Also, going to make another test character.

  • I may just include her in that adventure, or she may just show up in the "Metal and Magic" supplement I am planning (assuming your fine with that).


    I look forward to seeing Moon Angel in action myself, or hearing about her exploits if you play her in another game.

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