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Issue #0 Pre-release Feedback

We'd love to hear what your thoughts are on the Issue #0 Pre-release.

Tells us what you like, what needs work, and even what you don't like.
Also feel free to mention anything you think needs clarification.

If you are a Kickstarter backer and didn't receive a Pre-release, let us know, and we'll make sure you get a copy.


  • Hmm, might as well post here - despite the fact the Pre-release I have is surely different from what it was back in october 2015!

    Initial thoughts, though I'm only partway through my pdf: I'm loving all the examples. In general, this is something that most RPG rulebooks lack, though I can understand why some of the denser systems don't have examples for everything. In Simple Superheroes' case it's a bit more feasible to have these examples and it's great. I always find them super helpful (ha ha bad joke.)

    I also can't praise the links/crossreferences in the PDF enough. Being able to just jump to the required section is super helpful. A lot of my PDFs are older and just "the book before printing" so there's not a lot of use of features like that. It's a simple addition but it's a good one.

    There's still a few lingering issues in the PDF - table of contents has "Error: Reference Source not found" sitting in chapter four. Mostly small things that don't affect it much, I'm sure these will be edited out before printing.

    Overall everything's looking really good. Some of the questions I've had about things like time and potency or area attacks have been well answered. I'll probably poke my head back in once I've done some more reading.
  • Appreciate the feedback asparkes!

    I did notice the "error reference source not found" in the Table of Contents of the rulebook yesterday myself. Those are a little tricky to find because they don't ctrl+f in the working document, though they can be ctrl+f in the PDF. I'll make sure to do a couple of double checks for those before the final version.

    Glad you've found all the examples useful. They've expanded quite a bit since last year's original kickstarter pre-realease version. The running example in ch 1 in particular was a big addition. Cross-references can be great, the hope is certainly that folks find that this makes the PDF of ISSUE #0 more useful.

    Do share if you think any passages and guidelines ("rules") could use clarification, or any other thoughts and feedback.

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