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FanExpo 2011

 I will be at FanExpo 2011 thanks to the Toronto Area Gamers. I actually first ran an early version of Simple Superheroes (then called Gritty Superheroes) at FanExpo 2009 when I was there with Polymancer Studios. I was originally suppose to be running another game but was short on players (I had one). About an hour and a half in 3 new folk joined the game. I will be running the following: Thursday 7pm-11pmMotorcycles and Lasers Someone has been supplying the Black Bullets with high-tech weaponry. The gang has started to dominate the underworld. Can the Heroes stop them and whoever supplied the weapons? Players will employ a simple framework and their imagination to fully create their heroes powers. Friday 3:30 to 7:30Saving Innocence The Emerald Hawk and Displacer have kidnapped a 13year old girl, Alice Tomkins. Can the heroes save her and figure out what they’re really after?Come tell a story of heroes who fight beyond the considerable limits of their abilities with the designer of the game.  Both games are occuring in room 703 of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre South Building. 
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