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FanExpo day 1: Lasers and Motorcycles

 FanExpo was a great experience. I got to demonstrate the game with my first printing of ISSUE 0 on hand. I also got to meet Taylor Hunt of Goblins and Alina Pete of Weregeek. I also played a few RPG's myself, including another designers far future sci-fi game Free Spacer, it had a great setting (the rules were still being tweaked a touch), and a great indie game called Technoir , the other players and GM created a excellent story using one of the Transmissions. Most importantly the eight players and two sessions of the Simple Superheroes game I ran went extremely well. Everyone seemed to have a great time (there was a good deal of laughter). Lasers and Motorcycles:The first session was Lasers and Motorcycles, it had a more combat oriented and sillier feel then the session the next game. The Heroes:Heavy Plate (real name: Felix Strom)Shade (real name: Ashley Human)The Hacker (real name: Hannah)The Curry Bomb (real name: Sundeep) Summary:The session started with the players investigating the appearance of ultra-high tech weapons in the hands of a motorcycle gang named the Black Bullets. The session started with the players investigating the appearance of ultra-high tech weapons in the hands of a motorcycle gang named the Black Bullets. The Black Bullets had been a relatively small group until recently when they stated to take over the drug trade in the city, now however they are causing massive upheaval in the underworld. No one has said gang war yet but it is only a matter of Time.  It was fairly simple for The Hacker to create a heat map of the recent activity of the Black Bullets based on the news. The Heroes then set out in their unmarked van and took a drive through one of the ‘hot areas’. Sure enough the Hacker soon sensed some ultra-high tech weaponry power-up in a nearby jewelry store. She attempted to hack into the jewelry store surveillance equipment and immediately noticed a commotion in the back room with a number of Black Bullets toting rather impressive equipment (at which point she got a little distracted). Shade proceeded to enter the store as a large puddle, one of the clerks stepped on her and couldn’t figure out why her shoe was suddenly wet. Shade proceeded to the back room, sliding a piece of herself under the door, and saw three black-leather clad bikers threatening the owner. Meanwhile Heavy Plate and Curry Bomb proceeded to the alley behind the store, and were confronted by a number of motorcycles and their riders. Combat (and some hilarity) on all sides ensued, with the bikers inside the store noticing the strange 'puddle' on the floor and firing a laser at Shade, and those in the alley pulling out blades. The Hacker soon rushed into the fray. Our heroes soon had the gang down for the count despite their lasers, electric gauntlets, hover discs and sticky rope 'bombs'. The gang had been extorting protection money from the jewelry store, the owner pointed out to the hereoes that he was already paying Adrakis's men. After re-gathering their resolve in their basement 'hideout' under The Cury Bomb's restaurant. The heroes set out to a known hang out of the Black Bullets. Arriving at the bar and pool hall in time to witness a gang war in progress between the Black Bullets and Adrakis's men.  As the Heroes were debating the morality of getting involved (and Curry Bomb decided to set the place on fire), Omega, a powerful robot landed amongst them. It immediately assumed that the Heroes were metahumans employed by Adrakis and attacked. The Heroes trounced Omega, who crashed as he was attempting to flee the battle. The Hacker was able to pick up a distress call from one of the fleeing gang members and a rendezvous time and meeting place later that night. Heavy Plate was burned as he rescued the badly injured and dead members of Adrakis's organization from the burning pool hall.  The Heroes soon found their way through a abandoned plant (and two Black Bullets). into an elevator down into the underground water reservoir lair of The Technician and Fortune. On the catwalk across the water the group was attacked by an invisible opponent, who was shortly forced to flee. Shade in semi-liquid form kept pace with her and encompassed her in herself as they reached the glowing lights of The Technician's Lab. The Hacker was nearly seduced by the offer of The Technician to join him. An epic battle ensued, but the Heroes were finally able to put their three opponents down. A final stain-fueled punch from Heavy Plate sent Fortune crashing into a instrument panel in a huge shower of sparks.  
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