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 I'm excited to be heading to Phantasm RPG convention in Peterborough. I've been meaning to attend ever since I first heard about it (and had just missed it) in 2009. I'm particularly interested because it is an RPG only convention and I have not attended anything quite like that before. I'll be running two games, both in the early morning on Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th of September 2011. The game descriptions are conveniently up on their website. On Saturday I'll be running Saving Innocence. Sound Familiar? I also ran this at FanExpo 2011. The scenario went very well then, but there is a lot of flexibility to the story, so I'm very interested in how it will play out a second time. On Sunday I'll be running The Constuct. This is not to be confused with The Construct story I ran at Cangames 2011. While they share a main opponent in common, the scenario will be very different. For those curious souls an original version of The Construct is in our forum, while the 'final' version is contained in ISSUE 0. A description of each Scenario is below. Saving InnocenceThe Emerald Hawk and Displacer have kidnapped a 13year old girl, Alice Tomkins. Can the heroes save her and figure out what the villains are really after? The ConstructYesterday someone broke into the Blackthorne Correctional Facility for Metahumans, yet nothing appears to have been taken, in fact someone new has appeared in one of the cells, and the heroes have been asked to identify her. The media immediately began speculating about The Construct escaping, but would anyone really be foolish enough to set the rampaging monster free?   
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