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HammerCon III

 I manage to have the 3rd Printing of ISSUE 0 ready just in time for HammerCon III. I'll say more about the 3rd Printing in my next post. This was my first HammerCon, an I'll admit I'm a little worn out (yet energized) from all of the creativity packed into so short a time span. The Gaming action kicked off at 7:00pm on Friday, and lasted untill 1pm Saturday night (technically Sunday). I was relying on bus transportation to Hamilton so I had to leave at 11pm; most of the gaming had wrapped up by then but a few earnest gamers were still rolling dice and having a blast. Friday night I ran my Saving Innocence scenario, and the characters actions lead to a different final conflict then the other times I've run it. One of the characters had a weakeness of Amnesia and that worked beautifully with the power that the 13 year-old girl Alice had developed, he even had left his relations open and made one Alice. Saturday morning I was suppose to run a game, but due to a derth of gamers and an excess of RPG's we pushed it to the afternoon slot, and I ended up with a full table.  I played another (co-)designer's game that morning called Critical!: Go Westerly. It was a funny Dungeon Crawl / Fantasy game with straight-forward mechanics and 'funny' that didn't get in the way of the players being 'funny'. While I have some reservations about a lot of things that are 'funny' this did it in a way that still allowed a interesting and consistent story to be told. Which made for a good time. You can find a little more on the game here The afternoon went very well, with 5 players coming up with a Team concept of The Royal Court. We had Ace - a bowman and hunter with the most potent strike.King - a Telepath with, some mental influence and Telekinetic powers, with a habit of lecturing opponents and team-mates alike.Queen - a Transmuter who could Teleport by replacing an object about her size with herselfJack - a speedster, with a bit of a wild streak.Ten - a good looking, muscled, strong, and tough fellow.The Royal Court took a scenario I called The Experiment. King was a great counter to the Shape-changer at the begining of the Scenario, while Queen and Jack both found a kind of nemesis in Timelost the lab technician turned 'accelerated-human.'For a description of these characters visit the forum.  Speed-GamingThis was quite the adventure in an of itself. Introducing 3-4 people to the game in 15 minutes . . . It was a bit of a challenge but an excellent exercise for me, and I believe people enjoyed it a great deal. Finally, Saturday night I ran a 2 hour session of The Construct. We started a little later than I planned. I had a player from earlier that day and another who had tried the game quickly during Speed Gaming. Through a series of good rolls on the players part, and poor rolls on my own, they were able stop the escaping Construct right before he reached a electricity transformer.  This was thanks chiefly to the third player, a fellow game designer's flying character, who was the only one capable of pursuit at speed.The heroes had begun looking intot the mysterious 'Strike & Vanish' when we wrapped up the night. HammerCon was an excellent experience. I had some time to chat with other designers, and was interviewed by Lorenzo from BizClip. Whenever I introduce Simple Superheroes to new players, I am always impressed by the creativity of the characters, the fun we all have, and  detail of our interwovern story. 
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