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ISSUE 0 3rd Printing

 So what's new in the 3rd Printing?Formatting Improvements:The text has been improve so that it is easier to read. Previously there where some instances where a new paragraph was difficult to distinguish. Some additional cross-references, which are hyper-linked in the PDF version, have also been added.Divisions between characters in the Enemies & Allies chapter are now also clearer. Rule Clarifications:Based on some customer feedback, a number of rule clarifications have been made. One example is adding a section that clearly and concisely specifies that Talents should be either Offensive, Defensive or Functional and not a combination of more than one.The section on SuperPower Finesse has also been revised to read more simply and straightforward. A number of other areas have also been revised to a lesser extent. Rule "Additions":Their is a specific section of Chapter 2 that springs to mind: technological talents. What was previously in the text is clarified, and the section is expanded to discuss a number of ways of handling Inventors and Gadget carriers. There is also a related section on Magic as a superpower. Magic is also explicitly discussed in the Defenses section of Chapter 2.There are some other rule additions such as SuperPower Finesse being limited to the highest ranked talent in the SuperPower Finesse Rating. More on GMing:Chapter 3 discusses much more than it previously did, and approaches it in a far more structured fashion. Clarifying the role of the GM - as judge, and the "World" and providing more guidance on creating your own Issue's for your players. More on Enemies and Allies:There are three additional Heroes & Villains in this chapter. Rounding out the number of fully detailed super-powered characters you can easily drop into your game to an even two dozen. Each write-up now contains suggestions on how to use the character In Your Universe with your players. Some other clarifications and additions were made to this section, including giving each Villain some relations.An example character is now available on the Dowloads page.  All told the text now stands at 60 pages. Feel free to come join the discussion on the revisions on the forum, specifically in the following thread. Development for future Printings? As I have mentioned elsewhere, I was not expecting the revisions between the previous printing and this printing to be quite so significant. I anticipate any future revisions to ISSUE 0 to be chiefly minor editing, and cosmetic. My tentative plan is to break the book up into ISSUES 1, ISSUE 2, and ISSUE 3, once more art is secured and I feel comfortable making a bigger print run. Any major revisions will likely wait until those books are printed. Interested in ISSUE 0? You can buy it right now in  our web store. Remember any purchaser will receive a new PDF any time there are updates made to ISSUE 0 for a new printing.Shipping in Canada is currently free, and to the US is half-price ($2).
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