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Character Creation in One Page

edited January 2012 in News
 The former "Rules of Simple Superheroes in One Page"  has been revised to be Character Creation in One Page and Rules in One Page (meaning two pages total). Check out the Downloads Page.While I do genuinely think that creative RPG players could run a game with just these 2 pages and some Character Sheets, the major significance is how simple the overall gameplay can be. These two pages also emphasize how the system is based heavily on GM and player creativity. It is not lengthy enough to cover all the nuance of the game. It doesn't provide examples of how potent a talent of a certain rank can be, or the style of play, or the huge number of ways talents can be used. That is for the main text.Still, many players will ever need to read is these Two Pages to have a fun and exciting Role-Playing experience. And it is a great way to introduce new players to the game. GM's and some Players will likely wish to read the main text to provide more context, to their Characters and Universe. 
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