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Spellstorm (Toronto Game Convention)

 So this weekend I will be attending Spellstorm 2012 Gaming convention here in Toronto. The Con seems to focus almost exclusively on RPGs. I'll be running three games, and a morning of Demos on Saturday. I've never really done Demos like this before, so it should be interesting.I've run "The Experiment" scenario once before and was quite pleased. The other two scenario's are new and I'm excited to give them a whirl. Below is a description for each scenario. The Lost Hero Friday   7pm – 11pmThe famed superhero Templar has vanished. He been gone for over a month. Can the heroes uncover what has transpired?  Intro to Simple Superheroes (Demos) Saturday 9am – 1pmDrop by for a 30 minute introduction to Simple Superheroes a flexible, exception based system that Unleashes Your Creativity. Make your own hero, your own powers, your own personality and beat the villains.  The Experiment Saturday 7pm – 11pmNumber of Players: 2-6Dr. Newton has asked the Heroes to help protect a very delicate experiment from any outside interference. When something goes horribly wrong (or does it?) can the Heroes save the day?  The Man in the Magic Shop Sunday 2:00pm – 6:00pmSeveral criminals and members of fringe occult groups have been behaving erratically, and have turned up with tarot-like cards on their persons. When the heroes seek to consult the City's resident mystic, he has vanished.
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