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New Cover

edited December 2021 in News

Last week I put together a new cover. It is a collage of some of the pieces that David Bowman and Keir Lyles have done for the interior. This won't be the final cover by any means* but I think it is a good showcase of what has been done.

Check it, and other art out in the Art Gallery!

Let us know what you think here or in the Art Gallery.


*I mean that this won't be the final version for the print versions. Which will be called Issue 1, 2 and 3 in all likelyhood. There is a good chance this will be the last cover for the ISSUE 0 version.

-- edit in 2021 - -
I believe at the time, I was thinking that the "core rules" would be broken up into three parts - a classic, character creation (player's book), running the game (GMs book) and Enemies and Allies (MM)
This didn't happen, instead we produced a 120 page full core rulebook still titled Simple Superheroes Issue #0.
I think of the prior version (black and white cover) as an "Ashcan" version of the game.

I did go through some title changes while Simple Superheroes was in initial development. It started as Gritty Superheroes, changed to Simple Superheroes, changed to Superheroes Unleashed, and went back to Simple Superheroes.

The above link was for a prior version of our website, but some art can be viewed both here:


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