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Reality Warp - 7 day RPG Competition

Last week ENworld launched a 7 day RPG writing competition. I came up with a concept on Tuesday started writing Wednesday and had a 20page, 6,000 word product by Sunday called Reality Warp.  Best of all there's a ton of entries for you to read and vote on here.Reality WarpReality Warp is a narrative RPG about individuals who can reshape reality as we know it.  The game breaks reality warping into four categories and allows for specialties and exclusions. Participants --  players, known as Instigators and GM's, known as Masterminds -- both get narrative tokens.  Narrative tokens are spent to create assets, persons, secrets,  and  to enhance a Protagonist's reality warping abilities.  Persons and assets are purchased for a single scene, but may be  reintroduced. Each time they are reintroduced they gain more narrative Significance, making them more powerful and resilient  within the story.When spending narrative tokens a player often acquires Risk. It is Risk that decides the final fate of the Protagonists during  the Endgame.The game is inspired by movies like The Matrix, Dark City, Jumper, Push, Chronicle and Men who Stare at Goats. It is meant to be played in a single session, though Sequels are possible.  There are quotes from the films sprinkled throughout the rules.Go check it out here -- and don't forget... a vote for  Reality Warp is real. (Maybe).If your having trouble finding the PDF, hit ctrl-F and type in "Reality Warp."
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