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CanGames 2013

edited September 2016 in News
I ran two Superheroes Unleashed scenario's at CanGames 2013. I had a couple of loyal fans from previous years join in on the fun and a couple more tell me they wished I was running more sessions so they could have. One of the scenario's was completely new, The Ice Bowl, and one I'd run just once before, Heroes by Gaslight.

The Ice Bowl
The Ice Bowl is set in 1977 Montreal and revolves around the historical Grey Cup football game of the same name. The session involved a riot at a Rock concert, a battle at the Big O stadium, and a final confrontation in a blimp filled with a payload of hallucinogenic gas. The villain Menace was obsessed with causing fear and was influenced by the FLQ.

I had two dad+daughter pairs at the table and one friend. The three young ladies had pow, bam, thwack necklaces which was totally awesome (and apropriate). Two of the ladies made telepathically linked telekinetically twins, White Rose and Black Orchid. The other lady a created Ice Witch, an often angry women who strongly believed in gender equality. The dad's made Kullen, a golden skinned honourable brute, and Fletcher, a skilled archer. Finally we had Lost Soul, a brooding manipulator of shadows. Kullen and Lost Soul bantered beautifully.

One of the most interesting features of the heroes mechanically was the twins. They had a Talent that allowed them to pool their common Talents together without the usual die penalty. I may post about this topic more.

Heroes by Gaslight
Heroes by Gaslight was in the very last timeslot of the con, Sunday 7-11pm. We got started a little late and I think we were all suffering from fatigue so character creation took a little longer than usual. But we had some very solid characters.

Beekeeper: a hero garbed in the classic gear of the Trade, who worked at the local university and could control swarms of insects and see through their eyes.
Gray Fog: a police chemist and investigator who could create fog and has found himself becoming intangible at need.
Redeemer: a dead gravekeeper, armed with a ghostly revolver and an ectoplasmic blade.
Phantom Whisper: A telekinetic character capable of limited flight and with a gift for dominating the weak willed.
New Moon: a boisterous, outgoing, naive, heroic knight armed with a shadow sword and armoured in darkness.

The session ended a little early so the heroes didn't quite get to the bottom of Count Zeppelin's nefarious plot but they were able to stop The Last Cowboy and The Electric Man.

Other Stuff
I also tried out the latest nWoD game, Mummy (man mummies are powerful). And played two fellow game designers offerings.

One was Spark RPG, in which we ran through the world creation system (the results was a Steampunk themed sci-fi setting where humans ride celestial wolves through space to joust against wolfin's riding dragons.) The workflow for world creation and faction development was pretty great and could be used quite easily with any game system.

I also playtested Trifoni (a new Fool's Moon game) a game where you play a magician with a fetch (spirit) familiar who guards the boundaries between the real world and the spirit world (the deep/ underworld). It had a really detailed world and a detailed mechanics. It used a tarrot deck to resolve actions (and indeed the magicians themeselves used Tarrot cards to anchor spells). I am still not sure I entirely understand
the basic resolution mechanic and I probably should have asked the designer more questions.


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