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RPGOrbit Closed

edited December 2021 in News

RPGOrbit, the site through whom I have been selling PDFs of Superheroes Unleashed ISSUE 0, has closed down. I want to thank RPGOrbit organizer Craig. It was a easy to use service that provided good rates.

For those who have purchased a copy of ISSUE 0 from RPGOrbit (or even directly from me in the past) be assured that if you have misplaced your copy we will be happy to provide it to you. Simply use the Contact Us link.

As I am gearing up to run a Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign shortly to have ISSUE 0 redone as ISSUE 1 & 2 (and 3?), I am not going to be making ISSUE 0 available through another site. The new versions will have more art, great covers, and a small print run.

If you can't wait and want a Pre-Release copy (which is what ISSUE 0 is), feel free to use the Contact Us link. I'm sure we can arrange something.

In the next couple posts I'll be talking about logos, FanExpo 2013, and more about the future.

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