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Mid-Campaign Update!




Le Jardin du Ciel mini-scenario


Our first stretch goal has unlocked, so I've spent the day working my scenario notes for Le Jardin du Ciel (a robbery of a charity gala at a skyscrapers restaurant by the Emerald Hawk) into the core book.

The "events" are all listed in some detail. Now to work in more about how one runs a superhero scenario and some examples of how this particular scenario might play out.

If you haven't yet backed our project please do so here. And as always, tell folks about this! Feel free to get in touch with anywhere that's talking about the game online, I'm always happy to jump in and provide some answers.


Origins Game Fair


I'm leaving Monday for to Colombus, Ohio for Origins Game Fair. This will be my first Origins, so I am very excited to be running six different Simple Superheroes scenario's and bringing the game to a new audience!

Upcoming Events


On the way back from Origins, I'll be stopping in Toronto and have the wonderful opportunity to run a game Monday June 8th for the Toronto Area Gamers meetup group. A great group of folks, many of whom have played Simple Superheroes at past meetups and conventions.

Thursday June 11th at 7pm EST I'll be doing a Questions and Answers chat on the RPGnet IRC channel. Be great to see some of you there.

Simple Superheroes Celebration Day at Kessel Run (in Ottawa) is going to be Saturday June 13th. We're still working out some details, but they'll be a few different GMs running games (including myself) and a QA/panel session.

15 days to go . . .


Just 15 days left in the Kickstarter, so we are halfway there. I've been a little surprised by the number of "subscriber" backers. I'm glad people see the value in getting some scenario books scenario books based on games that I've run at many conventions.


That's all for now,

Good Gaming!

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