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12 hours to go. . . !

We've cracked our last stretch goal and have just 12 hours left until the kickstarter ends! So if you know someone who might be interested in this project go shake them and tell them how awesome it is (or maybe use your mind control powers . . . ).


There's still several rewards left that let you get a hero or villain in the book and other exciting perks!


So if your reading this update and haven't I encourage you to come join the party we've got over 100 backers which is fantastic!


The Simple Superheroes kickstarter ends Monday morning at 10:52am EST/EDT.


Any more Stretch Goals?


I had a few other stretch goals in mind when I originally launched the project. It just doesn't feel right to add a stretch goal in the last day for some reason. I assure you though I'll take a careful look at the numbers, and if I can cram any more awesome into the books I will! But the last thing I want to do is make specific promises and not be able to keep them because I miss-estimated things.


I am planning on including at least a couple example villains for our global and cosmic/galactic heroes to battle.


Celebration Event at Kessel Run


We had a great celebration event at Kessel Run Games yesterday. I got to actually play in a game which is always amazing. (A big thanks to the three GMs we had out to run games!) The group was going for a pretty silly vibe, we had a The Turtle, The Cat, The Fly and I went and created The Platypus. Everyone was spouting off hilarious quips.


We had a panel discussion about the game with some audience questions. There's a recording of it somewhere, which I'll share soon if the audio is alright.


Afterwards, I ran a short version of The Man in the Magic Shop. Which ended in a bit of a cliffhanger as one of the heroes rushed off under the mental domination of the Tarot King.


12 Hours to Go . . .


Thanks everyone the response so far has been overwhelming! That's all for now, Good Gaming!

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