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Quick question about Gear

My last question for today, I promise. I can't stop thinking about this game !

In the section on police you give an example police car with two mobility powers: 4 speed and 3 handling
Let's say we have a hero whose talents revolve around his awesome car and his ability to drive it.
While most of his talents relate directly to his supercar, he also has mobility: 4 racing driver, and that for some reason he has been seperated from his usual vehicle, but seeing an opportunity to go after the big villain, he dives into the front seat of the cop car and with a screech of tyres he gives chase.

Is it safe to say that he would now be rolling 7 dice to catch up with his prey, and 6 dice to outmanoeuvre the police cars that are now coming after him ?

In a similar way, if the Hitman from my other examples were to grab one of the sidearms listed in standard gear, he would be rolling 4 dice to shoot at his target.

I am assuming the usual rules for dice pools here, and subtracting one from the total.
Should gear be thought of as a hard tech talent in this way ?
If you were running a game with a car chase in it, would you personally use the rules for extended actions, and if so, would you allow the driver to pool his dice for the whole chase ?

Thanks in advance.


  • I've been thinking about this all morning, and have come to the conclusion that for the most part objects don't matter until they do, or in other words, they are narrative devices and nothing more. Your cop car only has mobility powers. At the moment someone decides to blow it up, you will decide to give it toughness. a gun in the hands of an average human has 2 dice, as listed in the gear section, but the hitman has 3 dice of ranged shootiness until he is disarmed. giving him extra dice for a special gun would happen only under a specific narrative frame of action. simialrly for the car chase I outlined above: only in a moment of awesome stunt driving would our hero pool the dice.

    I think I'm getting it. Would **love** to hear your thoughts.

  • edited May 2016

    Honeslty? Your follow-up is pretty much bang-on. I can't think of much to add. 

    Gear is usually considered hard-tech. Anyone can pick up and use a radio with a little trial an error, and this surely provides a rank 2 + communication bonus die talent. But how often will anyone need to know what their radio can do? Not often.

    And Yes, I would do a chase scene with and extended action mechanic (the lead threshold), and only allow the one instance of pooling during the chase.

  • Awsome.
    Thanks for the reply. I am writing my first adventure for this system and will let you know how the first session goes.

  • I am looking forward to hearing about it! :)

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