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Phantom Whisper

Posting the first character I made for this system.  I really like this system :)


I am wondering if I got away with a cheaper version of flight though.  (Flight is supposed to be 4 or 5) but then it is not true flight.  


  • You did, but it is a "limited" flight.

    I am not seeing the image or file you posted for some reason.

    There is a blog post that describes the game you played just a bit over here.

  • That is unfortunate, they show up fine for me.  Yes I used the insert image button.

    You can access the files directly here

  • Very odd when I first opened the thread I could not see it, but once I replied the image appeared. I saw it couple of days ago to. Almost makes me wonder if its a login related thing, regardless its odd.

    In any case; the sheet design is pretty slick -- having the short description seems quite useful.

    I do believe that telekinetic hover and glide should both be marked "Functional" instead of "reactive." I kept waiting for Phantom Whisper to try flying up to the Zeppelin during the session . . .

  • I would have, but the character did not have any reason to mistrust the guy.  As a player I wanted to Anchor the case too but again, as a character I had no reason to. 

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