Simple Superheroes

A simple Roleplaying game where you are a Superhero. Simple Superheroes is a framework that unleashes your creativity. First time here? Learn more.

Upcoming Issues

Simple Superheroes will regularly be supported by quarterly Issues containing adventure scenarios and as well as other supplements. Learn more about our upcoming issues.


Looking for an overview of the Simples Superheroes rules? How about a character sheet or some example heroes and villains? Search no further true believer! Downloads

News & Watercooler

Find the latest updates from Compose Dream Games.
Join us at the watercooler to discuss the game and ask other fans and the creator questions.

Art and Videos

Compose Dream Games has several videos on our youtube channel that run through character creation and examples of play.
You can also browse a few examples of the art from our core book.

Industry Analytics

Since Joshua Kitz's background is in BI & Analytics he sometimes spends a few spare hours analysing and researching the RPG industry.

  • Issue 0

    Order Issue #0 now!

    Simple Superheroes Issue #0 is the core rulebook to Simple Superheroes. It has all the rules you need to create your own Superheroes and fight a plethora of villains.

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  • Upcoming Issues

    Issues #1-4 are coming soon! These are adventure scenarios that have been extensively playtested at conventions. The first 4 Issues will all be set in New Carthage.

    Learn more.

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    Compose Dream Games RPG Marketplace has launched. You can now order your copy of ISSUE #0 and Subscribe to ISSUES #1-4.

    You can also pick up games from many other Canadian game designers.