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  • I played once a session that was me, my long time GM, and his dad who had never played an rpg before. He had a tough time wrapping his head around the idea of "I control my character, the GM controls everyone and everything else" and kept trying to …
  • Yes, because it's not just a power that merely allows him to fly, but rather one that allows him to fly when he is small, by taking advantage of the square/cube ratio. I did something similar with DCiSP... it's just an unarmed attack that could have…
  • Dr. Micron Micheal Macron, MD Science Hero Mobility- Flight pack (F) 3, small target (D) 4 Accuracy-Shrinking (F) 5, Dynamite comes in Small packages (O) 2 Brains-Medical Doctor (F) 3, Inventor (F)2 Finesse- Science 2, Shrinking 4 Flight pack- Mi…
  • Because this campaign is rated E for everyone, and combat isn't really a part of things, I don't make a distinction between fuctional, defence and offence powers. TroubleStopper Secret identity: An 8 year old girl who lives alone Pippi Longstocking…
  • Taking it a step further, you could give the PCs a value that defines them and what they stand for as a team (Exploring the unknown, battling intolerance. family) and let one PC per session use that to refresh their strainpoints. "I can't give up n…