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Dungeon Unleashed!


  • edited October 2016
    I read the pages I have in Dungeon Unleashed. It looks fun and may suit most folks dungeon delving needs. Here's the only tricky bits I found:

    1) I wouldn't go with wound penalties. They tend to make things less fun for folks. Though, to be honest, others would disagree.
    2) I did like the multiple opponent rules.
    3) The spell mechanic is pretty neat, I'd have to see how it plays out in playtesting.
    4) Shapechange rules for druids would be fun.
    5) Make a Mage talent for physical defense so they can cast such as shields.
    6) Maybe a rogue class?
    7) I only have the first 4 pages, I'd like to see the others.
    8) Loot's a big part of this genre. Figure out how magic items work.

    It does look cool though. You're onto something.
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