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Recently, the comicbook series Invincible came to an end. It's one of the few titles I have been getting on a regular basis. In honor of that I thought I would do a quick write up of one way you could create an "Invincible" for a game of Simple Superheroes.

From reading pretty well all 144 issues, I am comfortable pegging him as a planetary power tier hero, a case could be made for cosmic, but the feel is usually more planetary. As the story progresses the scale of action changes, from regional, to global, to galactic.

Mark Grayson

Mobility: 4-flight speed [F], 2-aerial agility [D]
Toughness: 4-resilience [D], 3-environmental resilience [D], 3-resolve [M], 2-accelerated healing [M], 2-resolute [M]
Might: 4-vicious stikes[O], 4-mighty [F]

Lifepoints: 6 Strainpoints: 8

Relations*: 3-Atom Eve, 3-Terra, 2-Compassion, 2-Omni-man (father), 2-

Weakness: All Viltrumites have complex inner ears that allow them to fly. Certain sonic frequencies can be very dibilitating for them.
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