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 Like many fans of comic book superheroes, I was very excited for the Avengers. It did not disapoint. It had interesting heroes who had meaningful internal conflicts with each other. It was funny and entertaining (as most Joss Whedon productions are), and had an interesting villain. All this combined with great special effects and action. I think it also caught much of the fun that any team superhero game should seek to capture. The classic battles between heroes in the film are also an important feature of the superhero genre. For a while now I have been thinking of actually running an Simple Superheroes "Avengers" one-shot game. While I think running original heroes makes for more compelling long term role-playing games, using pre-existing well-known characters would likely make for a great one-shot. In many ways it also a good litmus test of the quality of the system to be able to say,"Yes, it it can do Avengers." Last fall I posted a write up for a few of the Avengers in the forum.
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