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CanGames 2012

 CanGames  in Ottawa is the first full convention that I ever attended. The place is always busy and there is always some good buys at the marketplace. I'm looking forward to attending this weekend, and running 3 games on Saturday and Sunday.Saturday MorningThe Lost Hero: The famed superhero Templar has vanished. He has been gone for over a month. Can the heroes uncover what has transpired?  Sunday AfternoonThe Experiment: Dr. Newton has asked the Heroes to help protect a very delicate experiment from any outside interference. When something goes horribly wrong (or does it?) can the Heroes save the day?  Sunday EveningThe Man in the Magic Shop: Several criminals and members of fringe occult groups have been behaving erratically, and have turned up with tarot-like cards on their persons. When the heroes seek to consult the City's resident mystic, he has vanished.  Ottawa is where I grew up, so I am also looking forward to seeing familiar sights, friends and family.
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