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Design Reflections - Cangames

The three sessions (and two demos) of CanGames left me with a few realizations. One important one is that people really seem to enjoy the game and grab the ideas behind it very quickly. Sometimes they suffer a bit from decision paralysis when they realize that they really could play a hero with any power they can imagine.But there are a few points about the design and structure of the game that I think I need to better communicate in the text.1. Clearer terminology for the piece's that a Game session is made up off. I have a few terms used in the text but these are poorly defined and sometimes used interchangeably when they shouldn't.- Contest: One opposed die roll where there is a single result.- Confrontation or Event: This is a specific event where contests may occur. This could be mostly roleplaying or a single combat. This is analoguous to a "Scene" or an "Encounter".- Conflict: This refers to the over-all conflict or plot of the game session(s).- Issue: I use Issue to refer to a single session. An Issue might be Stand-alone if the heroes can overcome the Conflict in a single session, or multiple Issues may form a Story-arc if the Conflict continues.2. Clearer guidelines on: Maintaining Multiple effectsAttacking multiple foes, or using powers on multiple opponents (usually mooks)Using talents "Reactively" or in direct response to a action taken by an opponent against an allyI started a discussion where I get into more details on Multiple Attacks and Mutiple effects and Reactive Talents in the forum.
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