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The Amazing Spider-Man (Film)

edited July 2012 in News
I recently watch The Amazing Spider-Man. I felt it was a good picture that a lot of people could enjoy. *** Possible Spoiler Warning ***As a avid reader of Spider-Man comics, I had some reservations. The characters seemed to depart fairly strongly from the comics. Peter Parker they got the outsider and the science whiz, but seemed to miss much of the under-confidence and 'nerd' wich was an important part of his early character. I could still enjoy this portrayal and how they handled Gwen Stacy and Captain Stacy. (They costume people certainly got her look right.)Mostly it was two things which turned me of. 1. Uncle Ben came acoss as rather . . . mean. He just didn't seem to be the kind-hearted "loving uncle Ben" he should have been. I know they wanted to create some conflict here between Peter and Uncle Ben but bothered me.2. Doctor Curt Connors AKA "The Lizard" wasn't a very simpathetic character. And there was no mention of his son Billy or wife Martha. His family was always very importqant in the comics. Connors was able to control the Lizard persona enough to keep himself from hurting his family, and Spidey always refused to turn Connor's in because of his family and because "The Lizard" persona was really something beyond Connors control.Still it was an enjoyable film and I will probably watch it again with some of my comic-loving friend and family.For those who may be interested I wrote a write-up of Spider-Man using the Simple Superheroes ruleset a while back here.
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