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Issue 0 version 0.8

edited August 2012 in News
The revisions for ISSUE 0 version E0.8 are almost complete. They should be ready for a PDF version in time for FanExpo this weekend. The following is a list of changes from the most recent E0.7* version.IntentEach talent should be assigned an intent. This has been done for all sample characters.Intents are: functional, offensive, defensive and reactiveReactive talents allow characters to immediately respond to a specific trigger, giving them a chance to catch a falling person for example.Heart of Simple SuperheroesThe Rules in one Page and Character Creation in One Page combined with Options and Special Actions to form The Heart of Simple Superheroes.This bears some significant content revisions (most notably the new Options and Special Actions) from an earlier version of the HeartNew Art New Chapter 2: Rolling Them DiceConsolidated and revised chapter 1 and 2 to be chapter 1, 2 and 3. Conditions: clarification on various means of handling non-damaging actions that impede opponents.Multiple effects and multiple attacksRemoved background data on Olympic and world record from (now) chapter 3 On Powers, Talents, and Common FoesChapter 4: On GMingAdded section on being a great playerChapter 5: Enemies and AlliesNew Hero: Tesla, a tech-whiz inventor with a hard-tech arc lightning generator. He was referred to in the text but wasn't actually a fully the developed character -- until now! Art Several Pieces of Art by David Bowman and Keir Lyles have been included in the new versionMore art will appear in future versions *Some of these changes were included in E0.72 special CanGames 2012 version
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