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Better Reviews than Marvel Heroic

edited October 2015 in News
Simple Superheroes "Gets better reviews than Marvel Heroic Roleploying." This was what the organiser of RPG's at FanExpo told me at the end of the Convention.

She regularly talks to gamers coming in an out of the con room and signing up for games. She also noted that it wasn't so much about the Game Masters as about the system.  Marvel Heroic is focussed on letting you play iconic heroes. Simple Superheroes is focussed on letting you unleash your creativity and playing Your Hero. Could you also play iconic heroes in Simple Superheroes? Of course you could!  I actually played one session of Marvel Heroic on Saturday morning, and can agree that the GM was quite skilled, but the system seemed very fiddly.  Playing in an established Universe has some advantages. It’s nice to play some iconic Marvel characters. Most players at the table have some idea of what each of these characters are like and this can facilitate roleplaying. However, it breaks the strong personal connection of creating your hero yourself.  Every convention game I run of Simple Superheroes, I have the players creator their own hero. This is important for several reasons. It gives the player the ability to play exactly the kind of character they want to play. It gives the player a strong interest in the character's success, failures, and personality. Finally it displays both the flexibility and simplicity of the system: it allows players to create their hero in minutes, with the powers they desire.  I have yet to have character creation take more than a half-hour. This includes 5 and 6 player games, often with people who have never played any superhero game before, or even any kind of table-top RPG. This includes discussing some of the personality of the character, their relations and figuring out how the hero might tie into the upcoming Issue.  At some con’s I have also run demo style 45min-1hour games – with character creation. In these cases it takes 10min or less to get the groups characters up and running, partially because people tend to build more straight-forward characters.  You can download the Heart of Simple Superheroes to get a better look at character creation or Check out the Character Creation thread in the Forum.
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