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Issue 0 pre-release and Upcoming Products

ISSUE 0Simple Superheroes is now available in PDF as a pre-release at What will the final version have that the pre-release doesn't? a new covermore interior artminor corrections and errataAnyone picking up the pre-release version will also receive the final PDF at no charge. Interested? Check out the free rules summary and game aid Heart of Simple Supeheroes.The final release of Issue 0 is planned for Christmas 2012.  So what else is coming up? Issue 1 - Simple Superheroes: Conflicts (supplement)A short guide for GM's on building conflicts (adventures) for the players. It will have a couple Sample conflicts woven into the text, and a larger example.Issue 2 - Simple Superheroes: Motorcycles and Lasers (conflict)Someone has been supplying the Black Bullets biker gang with high-tech gadgets. The resulting gang war is threatening to spill innoncents blood. Can your Hero save the day?Issue 3 - Simple Superheroes: The Lost Hero (conflict)Templar, paragon of the cities heroes, is missing. Excessively violent vigilante acts are on the rise. The police and Task Force Alpha refuse to investigate either matter . . .Issue 4 - Simple Superheroes: Metal and Magic (supplement)Additional guidance on using high-tech and magical powers in your Simple Superhero game. A host of heroes and villains cut from this cloth.Issue 5 - Simple Superheroes: Saving Innocence (conflict)The Emerald Hawk and Displacer have kidnapped a 13year old girl, Alice Tomkins. Can the heroes save her and figure out what they’re really after?Issue 6 - The Man in the Magic Shop (conflict)Issue 7 - House of Bolchavar (conflict) The idea is to release one issue every quarter beginning in winter 2013. The conflicts have all been play-tested at various conventions. The release order may change. Print Versions?Initially the plan is to release PDF versions. The details on print versions and when they will be release is still being sorted out. We’re open to feedback and comments on any of the above.
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