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Superheroes Unleashed?

  I have been contemplating changing the name of Simple Superheroes for some time. While I feel that the game still deserves the moniker "simple", I don't feel that it is a name that inspires.   It may even imply to some that the game is not sophisticated and contain the depth of possibilities that it does.  At its heart this game strives for simplicity, straighforward mechanics that leave a great deal of flexibility to the player and the GM. That last part is key. For some time I've used the phrase "Unleash Your Creativity" in promoting the game. It really is about creating heroes, and stories that only you and your friends can imagine.   So, tentatively I am proposing renaming the game "Superheroes Unleashed." It has a nice ring, that feels intriguing. But... I really want some feedback on this one, especially from folks who have played the game, and purchased pre-release rules. How do you feel about the old name? About "Superheroes Unleashed"? Do you have any other names you'd suggest?   Is a better solution is to rename it "Simple Superheroes Unleashed"? A good number of people are familiar with the old name, and confusion is a concern.


  • Simple can mean dumb as in simpleton, so "Superheroes Unleashed" is better.
    "Simple Superheroes Unleashed" is too long. I don't like the word simple because though the game is simple, it sounds like the superheroes are simple, as in simpletons. This is not a game about Dumb Superheroes, but the title Simple Superheroes makes it sound like it might be. Superheroes Unleashed gets rid of that negative connotation.
  • Superheroes Unleashed definitely has a nice sound to it. I agree, the title "simple superheroes" (though it does convey an essential quality of the game) does not do your game any justice since it the can be perceived as demeaning. You may also want to "go right out there" with a title that is designed to capture people's attention. For example "Unleashed", "Champions" etc. I would avoid long titles since they may not be as memorable and do not provide the same punch.
  • I agree.. I like Superheroes Unleashed.
  • I am concerned that changing the name will result in brand confusion. There is some awareness of the game established through convention games, demos, and discussion on various websites.
    Word of mouth (or word of internet) can he pretty important for an Indy game like this. Maybe people will be more excited/have an easier time talking about Superheroes Unleashed?
  • I prefer Superheroes Unleashed.
    David, I'm not sure if others also have that interpretation of simple. That being said, Dumb Superheroes would probably not make for a very good title.
  • I get what the others are saying about the word "simple" but I don't really think it is an issue. I like the way "Simple Superheroes" falls off my tongue and have always used the word "simple" as a selling feature when recruiting new players. We do not play with hard-core rpg gamers...we play with people who have never played anything like this before. The 40 manuals required and 3 degrees to play D&D or Pathfinder etc intimidates people. I believe that it is the "simple" that is what is so attractive and is what separates your game from the other rpgs out there. The game is Simple and you get to be a Superhero - no confusion. Regardless of the name - you have fans.
  • Thanks for the feedback Taylor. I'm glad someone likes the old name! The alliteration does make it roll off the tounge.
    Simple mechanics as a key feature (and ideed) a selling feature of the game is an important distinction between it an other games. (Not just the big Fantasy games, but also Superhero games like Hero system, Mutants and Masterminds etc.)
    RPG veterans will understand the "Simple" in the game title, the unitiated however have nothing to compare it too . . . So is it enough that people who have played the game know how quick, easy, and still detailed it is? Or does this key item in the Title attract people to pick-up the book, or sign up for a game at a con or join a home game?
  • I generally like words like 'simple,' 'simplicity,' and what they mean, but 'Simple Superheroes' never rang quite right with me, even if I understood and liked the point you were trying to make with the name. 'Superheroes Unleashed' sounds really cool, no two ways about it. (And the compound name doesn't!)
    As far as name-awareness, making the change would be better sooner rather than later. Perhaps you could keep the word 'simple' in a sub-title or tagline, to preserve the connection?
  • I like the idea for the name change. It sounds a little more professional. That said, Simple Superheroes is a lot more unique and has it's own style. The new name sounds like a big company endeavor.

    Best of luck with the game, whatever you decide!

    David L. Dostaler
    Author, Challenger RPG (free)
  • Currently the game has the tagline "Simple Superheroes: The Gritty Roleplaying Game of Infinite Powers and Possibilities"
    Perhaps it could become "Superheroes Unleashed: The Simple Roleplaying Game of Infinite Powers and Possibilities." Opinions anyone?
    I like somewhat gritty supers games and the rules are somewhat geared to this. But I was thinking I'd drop that from the name. Gritty may be somewhat misleading (I don't prefer particularly "dark" games and the rules don't make the game "dark", their more gritty in the sense of Street level powers - not intergalactic world-crushing powers), and it is still quite easy to relax the "rule" assumptions and limitations and play higher powered games.
  • If you're dropping gritty from the title I'd suggest simply "Unleashed." it's simple and exciting.

    Do you have an idea for a feature setting? If so you may also want to think about a tie to the title before finalizing it.
  • Just to clarify Chris, are you suggesting not having a "tagline"/subtitle?

    As for a featured setting . . . so far I have tried to keep setting fairly neutral, making it easier to tie characters and heroes into any sort of setting. That being said, I am planning on having a more detailed "setting"/opening conflict in either the main book(s) or a follow-up Issue.
  • Hi Josh! All names for your game are fine as long as people want to try it and have fun playing the game itself. "Simple Superheroes: The Gritty Roleplaying Game of Infinite Powers and Possibilities" - you could change it to "Simply Superheroes: The Roleplaying Game". I do like Superheroes Unleashed as well. Gritty is a good word to use, but it could be misinterpreted... such as gritty being slimy, grimy, etc. It could become "Superheroes Unleashed: The Simple Roleplaying Game of Infinite Powers and Possibilities." Maybe drop the Simple and just have The RPG of ... etc. Good luck! I believe this venture will be a success for you!
  • Take the word simple out. Superheroes are never simple! I like Superheroes Unleashed, that's catchy.
  • Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I have decided to change the name to Superheroes Unleashed. (I'm sure a few of you have noticed already).
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