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HammerCon IV

I was at HammerCon IV in Hamilton and had a great time running and even playing a few games. I am going break this into a few parts. Speed-gaming:This gem is a HammerCon special. Play a game for 25 minutes and then jump to the next game. I ran a quick scenario called 'Le Jardin du Ciel' (it should show up in a future Issue, illustrating how GMs can set up Conflicts). I created 4 characters ahead of time, which is a departure from my usual method of having players create their own characters at con-games. But when you have 25min you want to get to the fun as fast as possible.
The 4 characters were:Pacifier: A hero made of metal.Tesla: A genius inventor, with arc-lightning. (Issue 0, p. )Swift Sunrise: A master of flight. (The noble variation of Crimson Sunset.)Mister Yi: Master of Martial arts. 
The first three were the most common choices. I believe this was partially because Dino-Pirates of Ninja Island was immediately before me in the rotation, and folks had just gotten a healthy dose of martial arts. A better character name may have been more inspiring. I'm thinking of making a character creation demo video with Mister Yi, but I need more evocative name. (Any creative folks out there with suggestions?)
All in all speed-gaming went well. The heroes saved some innocents from falling debris, and fought the Emerald Hawk. About 50% of the time they were able to defeat him before the 25min was up. Impressive for folks just introduced to a system.
I was pleased with the scenario as well. After running it 6 times, I have a few minor adjustments to the Jardin du Ciel, but it will remain largely as it is.
In the brief off rotation speed gaming slot, I got to play Monsterhearts, the RPG of teenage monsters in love. This was run by HammerCon's organizer Mikael. I found the game quite intriguing. Fairly narrative, with quite a few mechanics about the connections between player's characters. It is on my Christmas wishlist.
Sunday MorningI got to play a full session of Dino-Pirates of Ninja Island with fellow Toronto designer Corey Reid. The game used a modified True 20 mechanics. The setting was amusing, the adventure was solid (though it ended too soon). I rode a Pterodactyl and a Triceratops! My character almost died when he fell off the Pterodactyl -- fortunately the ocean was nearby.
One of the more intersting things about Dino-Pirates of Ninja Island is how Corey has set up the site, allowing members to add content - both islands and characters to the world. I'll have to try my hand at it soon.
I also had some good discussions with Solace Games and  Dungeon Crawler about cons, indigogo campaigns and other interesting matters.
Next Up: HammerCon IV - House of Bolchavar (Saturday afternoon)
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