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Heroes by Gaslight

 Pre- 1900's Superheroes are a rarely explored time. A few weeks ago at Spellstorm, a Toronto game convention, I ran my first game in the Victorian age. The players and I quickly found ourselves using more formal and polite speech patterns.The fog, rain and darkness played a heavy role, as did the stratification of society. It was an immersive experience. Some of the heroes clearly came from low society, while others could circulate among upper society.The scenario featured the arrival of Count Zeppelin’s airship in New York, a bank heist, a chess tournament, international politics, a rich debutant’s party, a crazed inventor and more.  Heroes and villains included the Last Cowboy, the Electric Man, Dr Janus, Lady Scalpel, Siren, Dirtfeed, Sir Tower and Count Zeppelin. I’ll let you guess who the villains and who the heroes were.The setting has a great deal to offer superhero games.  Setting any game in pre 1980's opens a host of communication and knowledge Talents which would be less useful in modern day, and the further you go back the more 'super' and perhaps 'magical' powers become. I’ve always been interested in the idea of heroes with superpowers throughout all periods of history, and in unusual locations. Superheroes in Ancient Rome, or modern Haiti or in the war of 1812 or a huge host of other times and places. There is a huge spectrum of possible experiences available to explore.I was thrilled by the uniqueness of Heroes by Gaslight, a time that offers so many possibilities but has a scope that free’s one to explore details that might otherwise be overlooked.  I look forward to returning there soon.
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